Does loading PDB slow down execution?

Unixnut unixnut at
Sun Oct 3 17:03:19 EDT 2021

Hi all,

If I run a python3 program with "import pdb" in the code, would it 
execute slower than without loading the debugger?

The program I am running is computationally expensive and mathematically 
orientated. It is expected to run for a few months (I am a few days in). 
I found out today that I forgot to comment out the "import pdb" while 
debugging, and now I am wondering if there would be a performance 
benefit worth restarting the execution with pdb unloaded.

I have tried testing this with a simple sum executable, but I don't see 
a clear difference with short execution times (<5 mins). Before I 
investigate further, I thought I would ask and see if anyone knows the 
answer already.

Many thanks!

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