spyder does not work under root! [linux]

Peter J. Holzer hjp-python at hjp.at
Wed Oct 13 16:57:28 EDT 2021

On 2021-10-13 19:09:43 +0100, Paulo da Silva wrote:
> Às 02:08 de 12/10/21, Michael Torrie escreveu:
> > On 10/8/21 4:32 PM, Paulo da Silva wrote:
> >> Às 22:56 de 08/10/21, Paulo da Silva escreveu:
> >>> I need to debug a python3 script under root. I tried spyder but it does
> >>> not work.
> >>>
> >>> Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported. See
> >>> https://crbug.com/638180.
> >>>
> >>> Thanks for any comments including alternative solutions to debug as root.
> >>>
> >> I also tried with eric and curiously it gave the same message!!
> >>
> >> This seems crazy.
> > 
> > Not so crazy. It's incredibly dangerous to run a web browser as root.

Mostly because a web browser is usually used to interpret untrusted
content from other sites ...

> > There's no reason I can think of for running a python script driving
> > a web browser as root.

... but this doesn't apply if the browser is just a display for a
locally running script. The script is already running as root. It can do
all the evil stuff without the help of a browser.

> spyder and eric are both python editors/debuggers! Why are they
> related with web browsers?!

They probably use a browser engine to implement the GUI. This isn't
uncommon. See Electron (https://www.electronjs.org/) for example. 

I didn't see anything on the Spyder website about how it is implemented
(I didn't look very hard) but the error message hints that there's a
Chromium hidden somewhere. And Eric uses Qt5, and Chromium is derived
from WebKit which is Qt's browser engine. It's a bit weird that this
also refers to Chromium's bug tracker and not Qt's, but there's
certainly a common ancestry here.


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