Request to advise error for python.

Mats Wichmann mats at
Thu Oct 21 09:09:50 EDT 2021

On 10/20/21 23:10, 정성학(대학원생-자동차IT융합전공) via Python-list wrote:
> Hi
> There are some errors in order to install numpy as follows.
>>>> pip install numpy
>    File "<input>", line 1
>      pip install numpy
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax. Perhaps you forgot a comma?
> Would you advise me to correct error and install numpy or pandas?

For this one, the command is run outside of Python - in other words, 
this is a shell command, not a Python command.  Quit Python and try again.

Extra reading:

There are some nuances.  If you are on a Linux system, Python is a 
system program and you don't want to try to install into system 
locations (you'll run into permission problems anyway), so trying a user 
install is useful.  So:

pip install --user numpy

In fact, if you're on a Linux system you *may* prefer to install the 
packaged versions - use the appropriate package manager commands.

The numpy site has lots more thoughts on installing - I believe they 
suggest using the conda installation system.

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