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dn PythonList at
Fri Oct 22 22:01:05 EDT 2021

On 23/10/2021 12.51, Greg Ewing wrote:
> On 23/10/21 8:49 am, dn wrote:
>> Whereas, creating a list (or tuple...) is legal because the structure's
>> name is an "identifier"!
> No, the restriction only applies to the LHS. The list construction
> is on the RHS.

That contention (above) may have been taken slightly out-of-context.

Referring back to the previous contribution: mutating a list-element is
not legal, because just like an object's attribute addressed with
dotted-notation, a subscripted object is not regarded as an identifier.
Whereas creating a (whole) new list (for example) IS legal, because the
list's name IS an identifier.

Yes, the LHS must be an identifier - the point that was made in the
first response (quoting "Python Language Reference") and since.

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