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Tue Oct 26 19:15:04 EDT 2021

On 27/10/2021 11.21, Stefan Ram wrote:
> ram at (Stefan Ram) writes:
>> The Mental Game of Python - Raymond Hettinger (PyBay 2019)
>> |What daddy does is make new words to make computers easier to use."
>   BTW: It now also reminds me of:
> |What I Do
> |
> |I build paradigms.
> |I work on complex ideas and make up words for them.
> |It is the only way.
> |
> Ted Nelson (1937-) in 1998 or earlier
>   , which might precede Raymonds talk.

Indeed, this is how we 'invent' jargon - a short-cut to enable
subject-specialists (SMEs) to inter-communicate succinctly or more

What really gets me into 'grumpy old man' mode, is the predilection for
our TV folk to imitate their foreign peers, or to use their own
jargon/slang in a public forum. Over the decades of my career I've
listened (as politely as possible) to so many (so, so, many)
ordinary-folk complaining that we computer-guys talk gobbledegook, and
need to down-shift and explain things in ordinary language. Sometimes
this is valid - there is no point in talking to my neighbors about
"ternary operators" and certainly "walrus" would create complete
misunderstanding. However, a public broadcaster to think it acceptable
to use such (of their) terms as "presser" (Press Briefing, or is it
Press Release?), only goes to show that IT people (without specific
training in (public) communication) aren't 'that bad' after all!

Programmers of the world unite!
You have nothing to lose but your 0
- or your 1


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