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Antoon Pardon antoon.pardon at
Wed Oct 27 02:35:20 EDT 2021

Op 26/10/2021 om 19:46 schreef Schachner, Joseph:
> Why force unpacking?   Why not assign a tuple?  That would look like a simple assignment:     x := (alpha, beta, gamma)
> And you could access x[0],  x[1] and x[2].
> I think asking := to support x, y := alpha, beta  is a request to address an unnecessary, easily worked around, issue.  And as previously pointed out you can still just use = .

Because the names usually have meaning, while the tuple has not.

And you just confirmed my point that the walrus operator isn't very useful here
by suggesting that I should abandon it and use an assignment.

Antoon Pardon.

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