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Wed Oct 27 04:54:01 EDT 2021

On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 7:39 PM dn via Python-list
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> Accordingly: is this a job for the walrus operator at all? Let's "talk
> of many [other] things"*.


> Could we use a data structure to continue to keep things straight-forward?
> class my_class():
>     def __init__( self, a, b )->None;
>         self.a = a
>         self.b = b
> instance = my_class( a, b )
> Sorry, you're probably becoming impatient with me. Surely I'm typing
> more code than necessary? Maybe, but there are other measures of
> code-quality/good-practice/etc, and there's likely more to 'it' than
> just these few lines...
> First consideration: the algorithm needs us to 'feed' the
> while-condition. So let's flesh-out:
>     def is_more( self )->bool:
>         # you know what goes here - I don't, but that's not the issue
>         # the return value is all that matters
>         return is_there_any_more_data_to_calculate?
> In which case, the loop becomes:
> while instance.is_more():
>     more calculations
> and 'readability' improves immeasurably!

I'd be inclined to write all of this as a generator function, yielding
a series of tuples, but YMMV.

> * this gratuitous and somewhat awkward expression is me claiming to be
> clever by quoting Lewis Carroll - if he isn't sick of me
> baiting-the-hook, it might earn extra brownie-points (or another groan)
> from @Chris...

Given that you were talking about a walrus, I think it was quite apt :)


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