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Antoon Pardon antoon.pardon at
Thu Oct 28 03:03:18 EDT 2021

Op 27/10/2021 om 20:20 schreef Avi Gross:
> I think anyone who suggests we should separate costs from benefits belongs
> securely within the academic world and should remain there.
> Practical things need to be built considering costs. Theoretical things,
> sure, cost is not an issue.

Seperating costs from benefits doesn't mean costs are not an issue. It means
you don't deny de benefits because there are costs. Sure in the end the costs
may outweight the benefits but that is still not the same as there being no
benefits at all.

If you want to weight the costs against the benefits you need to acknowledge
both and not start by denying the benefits because you presume they will
not outweight the costs.


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