Why so fast a web framework?

Calvin Spealman cspealma at redhat.com
Thu Oct 28 15:15:53 EDT 2021

I don't think there's anything meaningful being compared in that so-called
"benchmark" at all. There is no evidence that its worth even the smallest
bit of attention.

You want to write a web service? Do it. Use Python or PHP, or whatever you
prefer. Do you think your service is "slow"? You won't know until you
measure *your* service and compare that against actual requirements you
have. There is no context here to discuss performance and performance can
*only* be discussed in a context.

"SQL queries per second" is pointless. Why are you making so many SQL
queries? If you want your service to be more efficient, make fewer queries!

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> Me
> Like why exactly is that the case, i would not be surprised for rust, C,
> CPP etc
> But as to where the difference comes for two comparatively similar langs.
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