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Fri Oct 29 02:15:51 EDT 2021

Op 28/10/2021 om 19:36 schreef Avi Gross via Python-list:
> Antoon,
> You keep beating a dead horse. NOBODY denies there are benefits to suggestions like the one we are describing. It is a logical fallacy to keep arguing this way.

Please point to the specific logical falacy you think I am commiting. Don't hand wave about what I supposedly
am doing.

> And nobody (meaning me) suggests costs are a dominant factor in decisions no matter the benefits. The realistic suggestion is to not only weight costs and benefits for one proposal but for all reasonable proposals and then choose.

So what if *you* don't suggest that. Others have. Then when I responded to those with a remark about seperating
costs and benefits, you budded in with the assertion that those who suggest seperating benefits and cost belong
in the accademic world because you understood that remark as implying costs are not as issue. I then explain you
misunderdood en now you come with the above.

Maybe you should be more aware of the history of a thread before coming with this kind of statements.

Antoon Pardon

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