[Python-mode] Installation question

heikos at foni.net heikos at foni.net
Mon Oct 13 09:53:28 EDT 2003

Dear Python-Mode-Team,

since I am not familiar with emacs-programming I am afraid 
there is one very important information missing in the 
installation notes for python-mode.el for GNU-Emacs under 
(sorry!) Windows: if the Python-Interpreter is on e.g. 
D:\Python23\ where is the *correct* place in the python-
mode.el to adapt the correct path?

I tried (as usual in a lot of splendid GNU-Programs) a terrific 
amount of possibilities, but did not succeed (I only want to give 
my pupils the chance to use Emacs with Python at home; I 
prefer Linux). I would be very glad to get a hint because I do 
not have the time any more to dive into the hidden treasures of 
programming emacs.

Thanks a lot
Heiko Schroeder

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