[Python-mode] Some bugs in jython mode

Jiwon Seo seojiwon at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 08:07:21 CEST 2005


While using python-mode.el (version 4.75 which is latest cvs version)
on Windows XP, I got some problems related to jython stuff. (I'm using
jython 2.1, FYI)
When I try to py-execute-buffer without jython shell(that is, by
ctrl-c!) emacs gives me an error that it cannot launch the executable.
(Same problem when I try to run py-execute-buffer with async=t while
jython shell is running.)

I found out that the problem is somewhat related to the fact that
jython executable is a batch file, and windows(or emacs) handles batch
file differently from ".exe" file. Although I added a work-around
patch I'm sure it's a horribly-ugly code to go into cvs. But it might
work as a start-up for fixing it. I hope someone who knows elisp more
would fix it nicely.

Yours, jiwon.
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