[Python-mode] Python 3 syntax highlighting issues

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Feb 5 03:51:50 CET 2008

I've decided to take a look at what needs doing to python-mode to support
Python 3.0 syntax highlighting.  Some obvious differences:

    "print" and "exec" are both now builtin functions, not keywords.  That
    should change their coloring, but how should we detect that?  It might
    be a small point.  In the default setup keywords and builtins seem to be
    colored identically, though they are in different classes.

    "as" and "with" are full-fledged keywords.  I think Barry added "with"
    recently, but "as" is still a "crippled" keyword.

    "True", "False" and "None" are keywords.

So, should we:

    * punt and do the best we can cheaply?

    * implement some sort of mode switch?

My inclination is to keep things as simple as possible: move "print" and
"exec" to the builtins section, make "as", "True", "False" and "None" true
keywords. (Things are already too complex for my feeble Lisp neuron.)


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