[Python-mode] Moved to Launchpad and Bazaar

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri May 9 17:23:41 CEST 2008

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As previously threatened, er, promised, I've finally moved the  
official python-mode.el source code repository to Launchpad, to be  
managed under the Bazaar revision control system.  I cannot remove the  
old SourceForge Subversion repository, but I've disabled all write  
access to it and removed the link from the SF page.

Since the repo was pretty simple, I believe I've preserved all the  
history, but let me know if anything looks weird.

The project page is here:


Click on the Code tab if you want to learn how to get read-only branch.

I've also created a new team called python-mode-devs.  Members of this  
team will have write access to the main branch, although of course  
anybody can push their own personal branches of python-mode.  Right  
now I'm the only member of the team, but if you want write access to  
python-mode's bzr, go to


and click on Join.  This is a moderated team (since it controls write  
access), but when I see your request, if I know who you are <wink>,  
I'll approve it.

Cheers and let me know if you have any questions.
- -Barry

P.S. Eventually, I want to import the SF tracker into Launchpad, but  
that's not automated yet.  I know the guy to bug about it and as soon  
as he does the Mailman tracker I'll get him to do the python-mode  
tracker. :)

P.P.S. Ken, I think this will make it easier to work on the eventual  
XEmacs/FSFmacs merge of the mode.

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