[Python-mode] Time for a new release?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Nov 26 18:39:16 CET 2008

    Barry> I think it's long overdue that we officially release a new
    Barry> version of python-mode.el.  I just added py-sort-imports (bound
    Barry> to C-c C-f for "from") which is really handing in
    Barry> lexicographically sorting multiline imports.

The only thing I would insure works better before a release is triple-quoted
string rendering.  I think there are a couple patches floating around, but I
know longer know where to look for things.  Did SF tracker items get
transferred to Launchpad?

    Barry> Suggestions are welcome.  We could just make up a number, like
    Barry> 5.0, or we could use the date of the release, or I could manually
    Barry> hack in the bzr revision number.

Given that a number of Emacs distros distribute python-mode I think we
should probably avoid making major changes in the way we number without good
reason.  I believe we are in the 4.7x range right now.  I suppose 4.80 or
5.00 would be reasonable.  Any idea how far reaching the current changes


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