[Python-mode] python-mode for Debian GNU/Linux distribution

Yaroslav Halchenko lists at onerussian.com
Sun Feb 1 20:36:00 CET 2009

Hi to All,

I am new to the list, so few words about me... I am just one in the army
of Debian developers and maintainers, I also look at human brains on a
daily basis,  and I have 2 kids and a wife ;) and as you could guess --
I am developing in Python and live in emacs.

I decided to take over python-mode package in Debian, which was
previously maintained by Matthias Klose.  Since the open bug-count and
outdatedness of the package in Debian grew to the level of my personal
threshold, I decided to sacrifice some time and reincarnate the package
with your fresh release.

I hope you would not mind few questions I have, and if you are
interested in the refreshed Debian package -- read on below


I see that people are actively engaged in the discussion of the future
of python.el and python-mode.el, but I hope someone would be able to
clarify just few questions to me which I've not got cleared-out

1. what entity or a person is currently a copyright holder for python-mode?

python-mode.el lists:

| ;; Copyright (C) 1992,1993,1994  Tim Peters
| ;; Author: 2003-2009 https://launchpad.net/python-mode
| ;;         1995-2002 Barry A. Warsaw
| ;;         1992-1994 Tim Peters

so, there is no copyright statements since 1994... I see that multiple
people contributed:

$> git shortlog -n -s python-mode.el
   247  bwarsaw
    32  montanaro
     9  Barry Warsaw
     9  klm

so there are at least 3 persons (after Tim) who contributed, are they all
copyright holders, or it was transfered to Barry?

I know that you are discussing about transferring copyright to FSF, but I
wonder what is the current list of the copyright holders in the main trunk?

2. I guess respective authors are copyright holders of pycomplete* and doctest*
  files (and license is BSD), right?

Debian packaging

If you are interested in the packaging I've done:
I have prepared first tentative version of the package, which based on
 * previous packaging done by Matthias
 * current release which is present in your bzr trunk branch.

Unfortunately I have no clue in bzr, and I am a git user, hence I cloned
your bzr repository using git-bzr, and hope that it will work in the future for
incremental updates ;-)

You can see my repository of the tentative package at

(or if you like to clone it, use
 git clone http://git.onerussian.com/vcs/deb/python-mode.git)

'master' branch (as well as bzr/upstream) should correspond to your development
branch, branch 'upstream' is just a 'filtered' version of master, which I based
actually on the tarballs which were present in debian versions of the package.
So it is what you have in trunk but without website (I guess there is no reason
to distribute it atm for Debian users. And branch debian is actual debian
packaging on top of 'upstream' branch.

Tentative package is available from

As soon as 'copyright' is clarified I will upload package into Debian sid
(unstable), which should close at least 7 bug reports opened in bugs.debian.org.

any comments and wishes are welcome
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