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Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Feb 2 16:56:29 CET 2009

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On Feb 2, 2009, at 10:47 AM, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

>> Kids and wives will do that to you.  I have one of each, which is
>> probably why I use Python and Emacs too.  I don't look at human  
>> brains
>> on a /daily/ basis, but just whenever the opportunity arises.  Human
>> minds, well, that's a different story.
> LOL ;-) human minds are indeed a different topic, although some people
> think they know the 'Theory of Mind' [1] (although it is just a loud
> name for smth which should have been named "Theory of Mine" at  
> best ;-))

Okay, we'll leave that for another thread. :)

>>> I know that you are discussing about transferring copyright to FSF,
>>> but I
>>> wonder what is the current list of the copyright holders in the main
>>> trunk?
>> I would say that that is a very murky question.  It's probably about
>> as well understood as the copyright ownership of XEmacs.
> hm... then I am not sure how you could talk about transferring  
> copyright
> to FSF if it is not even vaguely known who owns copyrights over  
> current
> code? I guess, all your contributions are copyright by you (or  
> should it
> be Canonical?), and pardon my ignorance -- who is klm?

Canonical does not own my changes to python-mode.el.  I am merely  
offering to transfer the copyright to my changes to the FSF.  I  
clearly can't do that for changes other people have contributed to the  

Perhaps I should just disclaim my changes.

klm is Ken Manheimer.

> may be for now I could simply list all 4 of you (including Tim) as
> copyright holders (and will lookup dates for those two in the logs)

Sure, why not.

>>> 2. I guess respective authors are copyright holders of pycomplete*
>>> and doctest*
>>> files (and license is BSD), right?
>> See above.  Nobody objected to my call to GPLv3 the file, so I did
>> that.  I think that's the best answer we're ever likely to get for
>> this file.
> right -- but that is for python-mode.el, and was I right about those
> pycomplete.* and doctest* files present in the repository (and shipped
> in the debian package)?

I don't recall touching those files.  Without looking through the  
history, I can't say more about them.

>>> your bzr repository using git-bzr, and hope that it will work in the
>>> future for
>>> incremental updates ;-)
>> I'm not a git user, so if you can translate changes back into bzr and
>> push branches to Launchpad, that would be idea.  Hopefully git-bzr  
>> can
>> do that.  If not, patches will have to do.
> yeah -- I will check it out if it is anyhow possible to push my new
> branches (debian at least) into bzr. Otherwise, since I've not patched
> actual code (just packaging), I have nothing to contribute to
> trunk python-mode.el.


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