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Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at easy-emacs.de
Fri Feb 6 20:41:02 CET 2009

Eric M. Ludlam wrote:
>>>> Vladimir Kazanov <vkazanov at inbox.ru> seems to think that:
>>> Probably off topic, but just in case you are not aware of, *ropemacs*
>>> supports Python very well under Emacs.
>>> Cheers,
>>> poppyer
>> Well... Could you redirect me to a more suitable mailing list then?
>> I do have and actively use pymacs/ropemacs, but wouldn`t it be better
>> to use a single
>> system for various languages? Consistency is important, after all.
>   [ ... ]
> Hi,
>   I'm not that familiar with Python or pymacs/ropemacs.  If these
> tools provide some sort of file parsing, tag searching feature, then
> they could plug into the back-end of the semantic parsing/searching
> tools.
>   The ideal is that any tool that can supply tagging information would
> plug into CEDET.  Then anyone who has a cool completion UI idea would
> implement it on top of CEDET.  In that way the users would get the
> best of the tagging and their favorite completion UI styles instead of
> having something slightly different for every language they use.
>   If someone wants to tackle a project of improving the python support
> I'd be happy to help.
> Eric
Hi Eric, hi Vladimir, hi all,

I'm taking part in developing python-mode.el, which has a mailing-list
at its own, (see cc)
its run by Barry Warsaw.

python-mode.el is designed for all Emacsen.

We take interest in any python-related topic with Emacs.

So please feel free to cc or adress us with your questions,
even if not python-mode.el specific.


Andreas Röhler


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