[Python-mode] merging python-mode.el and python.el

Dave Love fx at gnu.org
Sun Jan 18 22:29:51 CET 2009

There is talk in the python-mode.el and on the web site of merging it
with python.el.  I hope people realize that can only be done in
accordance with the GPL licence of python.el -- i.e. one way -- although
it doesn't seem useful anyhow.  There's already been an attempt to put
python.el code into python-mode.el contrary to the licence via a bug
report, and I'm concerned that it doesn't happen any more (unless
python-mode.el's licence is changed, obviously).

It's not clear to me what's in python-mode.el that would be useful to
put in python.el, although I've only skimmed the current version.
Anyway the main raison d'être for python.el was that we couldn't get
copyright papers for python-mode.el for inclusion in Emacs (and I won't
put unassigned code in my version).  Also, python-mode.el changes for
Emacs weren't accepted, so I wrote an intentionally incompatible mode to
minimize confusion and ease maintenance.

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