[Python-mode] merging python-mode.el and python.el

Andreas Roehler andreas.roehler at online.de
Mon Jan 19 10:48:25 CET 2009

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Jan 18, 2009, at 4:29 PM, Dave Love wrote:
>> There is talk in the python-mode.el and on the web site of merging it
>> with python.el.  I hope people realize that can only be done in
>> accordance with the GPL licence of python.el -- i.e. one way -- although
>> it doesn't seem useful anyhow.  There's already been an attempt to put
>> python.el code into python-mode.el contrary to the licence via a bug
>> report, and I'm concerned that it doesn't happen any more (unless
>> python-mode.el's licence is changed, obviously).
>> It's not clear to me what's in python-mode.el that would be useful to
>> put in python.el, although I've only skimmed the current version.
>> Anyway the main raison d'être for python.el was that we couldn't get
>> copyright papers for python-mode.el for inclusion in Emacs (and I won't
>> put unassigned code in my version).  Also, python-mode.el changes for
>> Emacs weren't accepted, so I wrote an intentionally incompatible mode to
>> minimize confusion and ease maintenance.
> While technically the python-mode.el file does not have  GPL license on
> it, we've tried many times in the past to assign copyright so that it
> /could/ have such a license on it, and even be owned by the FSF.  It's
> long been pulled out of the Python distribution so it needn't (and in
> fact doesn't) have a PSF license on it.  Tim and I have both assigned
> copyright in our changes to the FSF.  I think Ken did too, as he was the
> author of pdb-track among other good code in python-mode.el.  I'm not
> sure about Skip.  Looking at the committer line from 'bzr log' (which
> should include the svn history), that should just about cover it, though
> there may be contributions described in comments that need to be looked at.
> I believe there should be no reason why python-mode.el could not be
> released under the GPL, probably even with a copyright FSF.  If there
> are a few contributors who need to be tracked down to get assignments
> from, that shouldn't be difficult.
> -Barry

Hi Barry,

I didn't sign code to FSF and probably will not. The reasons I already declared on
FSF-list and towards RMS.

Will not make it up here, unless you ask me to.

As you approved my tiny peace of code, but not merged AFAIS,
should I keep a separate branch on lp?


Andreas Röhler

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