[Python-mode] Unadmin myself

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Jan 20 03:24:26 CET 2009

Barry Warsaw writes:
 > On Jan 18, 2009, at 11:47 AM, skip at pobox.com wrote:
 > > I'm going to stop pretending I'm contributing anything to python-mode
 > > development.

Heh.  In my book, just making an announcement that you're definitely
going to be inactive in the future is a contribution!

If anyone would like to step forward and maintain the XEmacs package
version of python-modes, please speak up on the XEmacs development
list <xemacs-beta at xemacs.org>.  Note that it is nominally an open-post
list, but non-members are moderated and may experience lags of up to a
couple of days for moderation.

The duties are moderate, IMO.  They basically amount to keeping a
workspace of python-modes in order, following the xemacs-beta and
python-modes lists for discussion of your modes, and making commits,
all stuff you would do anyway, except for the actual commits.  The
actual management of package infrastructure and making package
releases (for XEmacs) is handled by the XEmacs Dev Team (specifically
Norbert Koch), so you're free of all that kind of thing.  This is
something that somebody who is not an advanced Lisp hacker but wants
to make a substantial contribution to the community can do well.

 > > I not too long ago synced the latest python-mode into the XEmacs
 > > chain so that should be up-to-date,

Well, thanks for the recent sync, and the updates on both the status
of the code and your maintainership!  We really appreciate your work.
I've checked that the python-mode addresses at xemacs.org all were
already forwarded to the python-mode list.  I've updated various
documentation in the package and around the package tree, and will try
to get to the website shortly.

I don't see a need to revoke your commit privilege to the package.  If
you make an improvement you think should be committed, and the normal
patch review process seems to be really taking its time (unfortunately
we have few reviewers active currently), probably nobody will mind if
you use your Maintainer Emeritus status to make the commit.  (Do check
that there's no current maintainer, though.)

 > > but I'm sure with the current thrust to see where python.el and
 > > python-mode.el can be merged there will be changes to be made
 > > there in the near future.

I haven't seen much of that on xemacs-beta, so I presume that has come
from the GNU Emacs side.  You may want to let the emacs-devel at gnu.org
denizens know of your change in status.

 > Don't underestimate your contributions Skip, or our/my appreciation of  
 > it!  I totally understand the need to move on though.  Again, thanks!

Speaking of folks that move on, in the process of checking on mail
aliases for the package I noticed that a certain bwarsaw at python.org
was receiving mail for supercite.  Fixed (but you're always welcome
back in your copious free time, Barry!)


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