[Python-mode] Unadmin myself

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Jan 20 04:41:44 CET 2009

    >> > but I'm sure with the current thrust to see where python.el and
    >> > python-mode.el can be merged there will be changes to be made there
    >> > in the near future.

    Stephen> I haven't seen much of that on xemacs-beta, so I presume that
    Stephen> has come from the GNU Emacs side.  You may want to let the
    Stephen> emacs-devel at gnu.org denizens know of your change in status.

This discussion has been taking place this month on the python-mode mailing


I imagine the XEmacs maintainers are more familiar with issues of merging
GNU code with non-GNU code and may be able to offer the active python-mode
people advice.


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