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Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jan 20 15:18:39 CET 2009

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On Jan 20, 2009, at 2:08 AM, Beverley Eyre wrote:

> I haven't even looked at 3.0 yet. I have no idea what would be  
> involved, Andreas.  Are there any changes that would cause massive  
> alterations in the way a person using it would want it to look and  
> feel in emacs?
> <dum de dum... checking out changes in 3.0)
> Well, after spending 15 minutes reading about the changes made in  
> 'Py3k' I can only say that the changes  to python-mode will have to  
> be discussed here.  There are plainly some things that need to be  
> changed. How much depends on strategic decisions about python-mode  
> and what we want it to be (e.g. how serious will the syntax checking/ 
> helping be?).  Also, again, depending on strategic decisions, it  
> *could* be hard to make it backwardly compatible without specifying  
> the version of Python being used. They come pretty close to saying  
> it's all but a new language in a couple of places. They seem to be  
> wanting to remove a lot of the...ahh... (what to call it) the  
> 'casual' feeling of Python and make it much more strict.

I haven't even started looking at what changes we'd want to make for  
Python 3.0, but I'm a bit afraid that it will be nearly impossible to  
support both python3 and python2 without getting a lot more complicated.

Until now, we've really only targeted the "latest" version, so for  
example, even if you were using say Python 2.0, you'd still get @- 
syntax highlighting and with-as-a-keyword. This was mostly okay even  
if it was occasionally distracting.

But Python 3.0 is significantly different that I think we're going to  
have to figure out a way for the mode to support multiple versions of  
Python.  E.g. is print() highlighted or not?  Maybe it won't be that  
bad, but an evaluation has to take place.

I have a deck of slides for a presentation on what's new in Python  
2.5, 2.6, and 3.0.  I've just given the presentation for a second time  
and have permission to make them public.  Perhaps it will be helpful.   
I'll send a message around when it's available.

- -Barry

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