[Python-mode] py-block-at-point and other reporting functions

Andreas Roehler andreas.roehler at online.de
Tue Jan 27 08:32:14 CET 2009

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2009, at 9:56 AM, Andreas Roehler wrote:
>> some new functions are available:
>> py-beginning-of-def-or-class
>> py-class-at-point
>> py-function-at-point
>> py-beginning-of-function
>> py-beginning-of-class
>> py-end-of-function
>> py-end-of-class
>> py-end-of-def-or-class
>> py-line-at-point
>> py-block-at-point
>> py-beginning-of-block
>> py-end-of-block
>> Compound reports returning buffer-strings by
>> py-whats-at-point
>> Made
>> py-beginning-of-def-or-class (really "or")
>> Old behaviour is preserved with
>> py-beginning-of-def-or-class-if-arg
> Hi Andreas,
> I'm not really going to have time to review this code any time soon. 
> Sorry, I'm swamped.  If nobody else has the time then I would say, let's
> use the following guidelines so that you aren't blocked (since you have
> the current momentum pumpkin :).

Hi Barry,

thanks for answering. I'm aware of you situation concerning time.

> If you don't change existing default behavior, you're cool.

Always have that in mind. Until now there is one changing concerning

py-beginning-of-def-or-class really "or"

So far I see no other need and this one might revoked if causing divorce... :)
> If you're fixing a bug, you're cool.

OK, but even then: the assigment question... See below.
IMHO assignment blocks development to a large extent.

> Let us know when you commit changes and I will 'bzr pull' the new
> version and try it in my day-to-day editing.  If there's a problem, I'll
> let ya know. :)
> But... let's be sure we get your signature on a copyright assignment to
> the FSF, 

Ahh, as told, I'm _not_ going to sign. Is XEmacs code assigned as such?
Reading the code and the history of python-mode.el I assume no one is  able to assign
 this code to FSF rightfully.

so everything's legally clean.

Does such a thing exist in this world?
There are no more dirty corners than in
lawyers and the courts houses.

What I can assure: that I have written the changes I sent you.

BTW in german we have a saying: "Don't awake the sleeping dogs."
That's just the thing, legalizing does. It's a never ending night-mare.

FSF seems running into.

Andreas Röhler

 Sound okay?

> Barry

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