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Fri May 1 23:28:08 CEST 2009

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 4:50 PM, Andreas Roehler
<andreas.roehler at online.de>wrote:

> Barry Warsaw wrote:
> > On Apr 30, 2009, at 4:07 PM, Andreas Roehler wrote:
> >
> >> I'll send you two screenshots offlist.  Please feel
> >> free to forward them to interested persons, just didn't
> >> want to publish my path at the list.
> >>
> >> 20090428_pdbtrack3.png displays pdbtrack opened second
> >> windows, cursor displayed at line 4 "import"
> >>
> >> With 20090428_pdbtrack4.png you see  shell-output
> >> from line 8, but cursor in second window still is at line 4.
> >>
> >> Always get "Traceback cue not found"
> >>
> >> Cause seems var `py-pdbtrack-stack-entry-regexp'.
> >>
> >> That doesn't happen, if pdb.set_trace() is inside the
> >> python-file.
> >>
> >> Did someone else remark this?
> >
> > Hi Andreas,
> >
> > I haven't heard this one before, but perhaps it's because of the ipython
> > prompt?
> Maybe. As shows message in first screenshot #3, pdbtrack indicates line 4
> correctly.
> Its not brocken completely.

i'm having some difficulties tracking your descriptions of the situation,
andreas, but i think you (and barry) are right that the problem is failure
to recognize, rather than pdbtrack not being activated (as you seemed to
initially be suggesting).

> Its a question of regexp, which doesn't recognise/accept the result,
> delivered by `block'.

i don't understand what you mean by "delivered by 'block'"

> Already tried to change the regexp or even simply eliminate that checking
> step, but not
> found a solution.

the match may be necessary to parse the traceback, and for other reasons.

Hhm. Could you give me an example, how you run script activating pdbtrace,
> reaching
> the standard (pdb) prompt from Emacs?

what do you mean by "reaching the standard (pdb) prompt from Emacs"??
perhaps you're talking about the python interaction buffer that python-mode
provides?  i believe, but am not certain, that pdbtrack watches the output
in any comint buffer, including the python interaction buffer.  i can check
this kind of thing, but need to understand better what you're saying before

Only get it from shell.

one thing i can suggest that you do is copy the text from the emacs buffer
that pdbtrack should recognize but doesn't, and send that excerpt to us.  i
know that's in the pictures, but it's easier for you to send us the text
than it is for us to type it accurately from the pictures.-)  preferably you
would also send an excerpt that is similar but is successfuly recognized.

i will try to find time to examine it, and see if i can identify what is
happening and what should be happening...

> Thanks
> Andreas
>  I think pdbtrack expects (by default) the standard (pdb) prompt.
> >
> > -Barry
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