[Python-mode] python setup ?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue May 5 16:04:41 CEST 2009

On May 4, 2009, at 3:59 PM, Andreas Röhler wrote:

>> IMO any new "obviously useful" features should be enabled by
>> default. Old Timers should have no problem reverting to older
>> configurations via settings. A point which generates much  
>> contention I
>> know. As it is, Python set up is/was a minefield. I have a reasonable
>> set up here fwiw,
> Yes, you have. Used it month ago, thanks BTW.
> Beside the question is still, how the user may get everything needed
> installed with one action.
> Several possibilities exist: we could make a tarball emacs-python.

If you have permission of the authors of the other packages, I have no  
problem distributing them in our branch, or making a tarball of them  
available from the Launchpad download page.  It's up to them though.   
I tend not to use those other packages and just grab python-mode.el  
from its bzr branch.

> Too we should let the user decide, what features to use: ipython or  
> not,
> pdbtrack or pydb, which
> completion, refactoring, which checks and tests etc.

Sure.  I would tend to be more conservative in the default settings,  
so as not to surprise people, but that's just me. :)


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