[Python-mode] looking for a discussion of things python(-mode) ish

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Sep 8 14:37:14 CEST 2009

On Sep 8, 2009, at 4:43 AM, Rohan Nicholls wrote:

> I checked out the python-mode launchpad project, and am now sending an
> email.  Do I need to sign up to the python mailing list to see any
> discussions?  Or does this email get me added to some secret list? ;)

While I approved your message, you should explicitly join here


> I am very interested in getting everything under one roof, although
> the discussion I read in January seems to indicate that this will
> never be.
> Just to sum up reasons that I had started using python.el
> - python-mode had shown no sign of life for about 5 years

That's changed now.

> - The killer was the triple quote bug.  I was horribly stung by this,
>   and at that point tossed python-mode even though the integration
>   with ipython.el is hard to beat.

I personally am rarely enough bitten by this to care, but I would love  
to have someone port python.el's approach to python-mode.el.  IIRC,  
python.el uses regexps and python-mode.el uses the syntax table.  The  
syntax table has the advantage of being much faster, which mattered a  
lot at one time, but it's not flexibly enough to handle Python's  
quoting rules.

> - I am an emacs user, having given up on xemacs a couple of years
>   ago, and it shows no sign of improving, so emacs specificity is not
>   a problem for me, in fact it is a plus, as the various incompatible
>   bits of the two systems do not start clogging up the code.

python-mode.el works just fine in both Emacs and XEmacs.

> So my questions are:
> - Is the triple quote threat solved in python-mode (because it is in  
> python.el)

I don't believe it has ever been ported over.

> - It seems development has started up again, would this be correct,
>   and is there a list of things to fix somewhere?  Also has Beverley
>   Eyre compiled that list of features she mentioned back in January?

Yes, it's being actively developed, but my sense of it is that python- 
mode.el pretty much works well for everyone using it, so I wouldn't  
say there's a ton of itches that need scratching.  We add support for  
new syntax every time a new Python version comes out.  It's probably  
not as Python 3.x friendly as it should be.


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