[Python-mode] small units

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Mar 7 22:53:42 CET 2010

On Mar 05, 2010, at 07:00 PM, Andreas Roehler wrote:

>question is: how to edit small units in python-code?
>Let's consider piece below from Dive Into Python:
>  result = roman71.fromRoman(numeral)
>Beside of operators three python-words are here:
>result / roman71 / fromRoman(numeral)
>which should possible be picked with one command/key.
>Resp. copied, deleted, maybe transposed etc.

Aren't there already key bindings for these.  E.g.

M-f == py-forward-into-nomenclature
M-C-f == forward-sexp

Well you need two keystrokes to get all of 'fromRoman(numeral)' or of course
you could just use

C-e == move-end-of-line

At least, it's never seemed there was anything lacking to me.

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