[Python-mode] plan for emacs python tooling (esp python.el, python-mode.el)?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Mar 16 22:20:06 CET 2010

>> The plan is to ship it with python.el until we can ship it with
>> python-mode.el (the barrier being coipyright assignments).

Although I believe I've already done so, I've repeatedly said that I have no
problem assigning my changes in python-mode.el to the FSF (again).  I think we
can get Skip, Ken, and Tim to do the same, though I also think some or all of
them have already done so.  I really don't know what more I can do about the
copyright assignment "problem".

That having been said, python-mode.el is GPL and I nothing against y'all
stealing as much from python.el as makes sense.  If python-mode.el is never
distributed with Emacs, so be it.  But there really shouldn't be anything
stopping python-mode.el from having the best of both worlds.

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