[Python-mode] Don't bind C-c C-h

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Fri Mar 19 09:54:17 CET 2010

On 03/19/2010 07:27 AM, Andreas Roehler wrote:
> Deniz Dogan wrote:
>> 2010/3/18 Andreas Roehler<andreas.roehler at online.de>:
>>> Deniz Dogan wrote:
>>>> Please, don't bind C-c C-h to anything. This prevents people from
>>>> viewing all the bindings that start with C-c, which C-c C-h would
>>>> normally display.
>>> Hi Deniz,
>>> it may help, if you write your suggestion into the bug-tracker. So it doesn't get lost.
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-mode
>>> When reporting, please explain a little bit more the reasons. What's there as mentioned normally for you?
>>> Exists some coding convention which contradicts?
>>> Thanks taking part
>> Would someone mind reporting the issue there for me? I don't plan on
>> using Launchpad any time soon other than for this. If anyone gets
>> around to doing that, you can use the following description of the
>> problem:
>> I'm not sure there is an actual convention that says one shouldn't use
>> C-h in a key sequence. However, I often use C-h as a "suffix" key to
>> find out more about key sequences that start out a certain way. You
>> can try this by hitting e.g. "C-x n C-h", which should give you:
>>   C-x n d         narrow-to-defun
>> C-x n n         narrow-to-region
>> C-x n p         narrow-to-page
>> C-x n w         widen
>> I use this feature quite often in Emacs and I'm sure some other people
>> do it to. Of course, one can use "C-h m" to find out more about the
>> mode-specific key bindings, but there is still use for C-h as a
>> suffix, as it shows you _all_ of the bindings that start with a
>> particular key sequence.
> You mentioned a binding starting with C-c, not with C-x as your example shows now.
> So the matter is done?

Nope. What he actually meant was "don't use ctrl-h in a binding". 
Regardless of whether it is ctrl-c or ctrl-x or ctrl-ä.

Ctrl-h is the standard emacs key you can press anywhere in a sequence of 
alt/ctrl commands to get a description of everything that's possible there.

ctrl-c ctrl-h: show everything I can do after ctrl-c here.

ctrl-x v ctrl-h: what where those version control commands again...

(What I don't know is where in python mode he found a ctrl-h binding, btw).


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