[Python-mode] Towards a PDEE

Andreas Roehler andreas.roehler at online.de
Mon Mar 22 14:45:11 CET 2010

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Mar 22, 2010, at 12:32 PM, Andreas Roehler wrote:
>> as the colors themes matter indicates, idea of an
>> integrated python developing environment meets some
>> wider interest.
>> Which raises the question where to proceed.
> I'm probably not the best person to participate in this.  While I definitely
> can understand the appeal and applaud the effort to provide Python developers
> with a really fantastic Emacs-based development environment, it's probably not
> something I would personally use.  But hey, I'm old so ignore me and go for
> it! :)

Maybe exists something which will still raise you up :)

>> Integrating more stuff might result into an collection
>> like emacs-w3m.
>> BTW if entered that path, suggest a split of current
>> python-mode.el too, think smaller files grouped
>> thematically as for pdb for example are easier to
>> debug.
>> Not to get folks bewildered, suggest to keep stuff as
>> is in python-mode.el at the known place. But making up
>> a second location, mirroring classic python-mode,
>> augmented by other useful stuff as ipython, maybe
>> color-theme etc.
> I think you'll have problems keeping two different locations for the same
> functionality in sync.  I'm not in favor of splitting python-mode.el up much
> personally because I think it's really easy for people to grab and install as
> one file.  Perhaps think about building optional tools around python-mode and
> keeping python-mode.el as the basic support for .py file editing?
> I see no reason why this larger effort couldn't be housed inside the
> python-mode project on Launchpad though, as long as we continue to make it
> easy (and obvious) how to download and install python-mode.el for those
> wanting something simpler.
> -Barry

Could realise the augmented mode via branches. Whats needed so far is a separate tar-archive delivering it.
A problem not solved that way is the info. `color-theme' for example is quite another item than python.
If a branch contains up to hundred el-files then, how to document and/or explain the matter?

A step forward maybe would be a closer integration of already existing stuff:
presently, if python-mode is on, it knows nothing about doctest-mode...


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