[Python-mode] python-mode modifies load-path emacs-wide.

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at online.de
Wed Aug 17 12:24:53 CEST 2011

[ ... ]
> On the other hand if pycomplete should be able to exist alone from
> python this is not necessary. However I cannot imagine why this should
> be the case: pycomplete requires python-mode and cannot exist separately...
> There is also a blueprint to deliver a ready to use pymacs. In the
> perspective of this tighter integration I think this fallback options
> should be provided. For example pycomplete has a line that says
> (pymacs-load "pycomplete")
> that tries to load the pycomplete.py python part of the code that
> normally sits in the same dir as pycomplete.el
> A user wanting to use this functionality has to copy the pycomplete.py
> to a location searched by pymacs-load-path (the variable pymacs uses for
> searching for its scripts) or modify the pymacs-load-path itself. This
> actually means that providing a working python environment requires a
> lot of hassle from the user.

so you are close to the reasons why the path to directories has been set.

BTW some times ago some more things have been broken.
Decided to fix hierarchically:

indent stuff first, then editing and execution issues.
The later still needs some invest.

auto-completion remains to be done still, as better pydb integration and 
some more interesting things.


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