[Python-mode] highlight bug?

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at online.de
Fri Feb 25 13:20:30 CET 2011

Am 25.02.2011 12:18, schrieb andrea crotti:
> Before I wasn't sure if it was an old bug, but today I got the last
> revision from bzr and I see the same.
> Function and variable names containing reserved keywords are not
> highlighted correctly.
> For example in
> def generate_random_tuple()
> tuple is colored as it was the tuple function call...
> Anyone else seeing this?

Hi Andrea,

thanks for the report.

Could you make an entry in the bug-tracker at launchpad?
That would help.

Did you check out the trunk?
Highlight bugs have been fixed last weeks.

BTW can't reproduce it with my personal components branch.

As I'm still behind indent issues, would look further at a later time.

> By the way I've seen many comments about it but I never really
> understood, why this python-mode is not included
> in emacs instead of the crappy default one?

Hmm, it's a little bit more complicated IMHO.

At python.el was done the the triple-quoted-string syntax fix lately, 
where we profit from. Also python.el merged in a lot from python-mode.el 
last month's. So the code base looks not so different now.

Let's see if we can assist each other to have a nice python environment

Thanks again


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