[Python-mode] highlight-indentation

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at online.de
Sun Mar 13 09:15:11 CET 2011

Hi Anton,

thanks a lot BTW.

Added a link onto your repo into the header.

In order to get a wider audience with resp. to other modes an entry


might be useful.

As for bug-tracking think we should forward any report to you, if it 
concerns your file(s). OTOH would not charge the users which such 
specific requests.


Thanks again.



Am 12.03.2011 11:38, schrieb Anton Johansson:
> Hello,
> I'm absolutely cool with you guys using the code in any way you find
> suitable, nice to see some people finding it useful!
> Like you have discussed before, there are some issues with
> highlight-indentation.el that could be handled better, for example
> highlighting spaces that are not in the leading whitespace. If you can
> find a good way to link to my repo so that people can submit possible
> fixes that would be good since the code is also usable in other modes.
> Cheers
> -Anton
> On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 4:28 AM, Barry Warsaw<barry at python.org>  wrote:
>> Hi Andreas,
>> I noticed that you committed this file to our bzr tree.  I'm concerned about
>> doing this without Anton's approval (and maybe even with it).  Anton probably
>> has his own source code repository, so at the very least it would be more
>> effort for us to keep our copy up-to-date with his.  python-mode.el doesn't
>> depend on his code, so it's really not necessary for us to have a copy in our
>> tree.
>> As cool as Anton's module is, and it definitely could help Python programmers,
>> it's probably a better idea to add a reference to his work (and his download
>> site or source repository) in our README file or in the comments at the top of
>> python-mode.el.
>> If Anton really wants us to keep the canonical version of his mode in our bzr
>> tree, we could discuss that.  Anton, what do you think?
>> Cheers,
>> -Barry

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