[python-nigeria] SOS, Help Urgently Needed.....

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 18:04:48 EDT 2016

Hola dear Naija Pythonistas,

I humbly write for one purpose and one only. DjangoGirls Lagos needs your
help to make our 2nd workshop a successful one.

Currently with only 10days left for applications we have almost 90
applications. We planned to have 70 girls for the workshop alongside 25
coaches but as it is, quite a huge number of them are coming from outside
Lagos ( PortHarcourt, Abuja and other nearby states) they can't afford
transportation or even accommodation. But sadly at this rate we might need
to cut the number into 2 as with our current/only sponsorship from PSF we
even struggle to cover costs of feeding.

Please see our sponsorship proposal here
get in touch lagos at djangogirls.org in any way you would like to help

I know the economy has plummeted and things have gone bad but let us all
come together for these girls/ladies. Your donations would go largely to
transportation, accommodation, feeding, and everything else to make their
first experience with programming a beautiful one supporting these girls
who want to learn how technology(python) can better their lives.

Ejo, Edakun, Biko, DOn Allah Epp Us. You know if it wasn't an emergency I
wouldn't come bothering you awesome pythonistas ;)

Thanks for your time :)

With Regards,

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