[python-nigeria] Greetings and Updates

olabayo onile-ere olabayo96 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 22 12:16:42 EST 2016

Another week here, but this time we have a lot to discuss regarding the workshop and the lite meetup we had on Saturday. I guess I could use many words to say it was successful but that wouldn't do justice and I will leave that to everyone to express their own views. The workshop was awesome, I personally learnt some new things, for instance I didn't know the current Django framework came with a way to create your own virtual environment, in the past i had to install another tool to create mine. Coaches will agree with me that it was fun teaching and debugging and doing some more debugging and then finally seeing the smiles on their  faces when their first web page covered their browsers!!! Thank you everyone for making this possible.  
Moving on to the meetup I will do a quick rundown of what we were able to cover, ideas and tasks/initiatives that we were able to develop. Note this is a light recap and will do a more detailed one. 
Introduction of the mailing list and the role that everyone played in making it possible (its reactivation) and notably Naomi's effort in reaching out to an admin (General Python Mailing List) thus helping out immensely.
We listed the goals of our community and mentioned that we all had a part to play together to ensure its continuous growth, development and promotion of initiatives that would develop us individually and collectively.
General consensus to hold a Lite PyNigeria which would set the stage for the major PyNigeria, committee responsibleCreation of a committee responsible for planning, creation of guidelines and misc involved in developing our Lite PyNigeria as well as other projects that would be developed. Their names will be published to the mailing list and I also want to use this opportunity to thank them for volunteering. 
Creation of a slack channel for the community details will be sent to the mailing list ASAP
Open source initiative called Emergency Ng details will be sent to the mailing list ASAP
Contributions by attendees on numerous projects they were handling, pain points, ideas and their willingness to make contributions to the community in terms of open sourcing one or two products they had created. More details will be sent to the mailing list ASAP
Pardon me if this seems rushed, I will do a proper and more detailed breakdown as we forge ahead. I am also sure that many will add to what i have said or left out in error. Thank you everyone for making my day and thank you for your constant support. Cheers!!!

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