[python-nigeria] DjangoGirls Lagos and Python Nigeria Meetup: Perks and more

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 12:33:07 EST 2016

Hola wonderful Pythonistas,

It's me *In Adele's voice* :D I promise to not write a really long epistle
and save you the boring details but Alas Django Girls was Awesome +
Fantastic + Amazing. The 20th of February had a lot of highlights for me.
Asides from the fact that many of you came out to support and be mentors to
the ladies I was more so thrilled and touched that someone from our very
own Py Nigeria community heard me.

In my last email I talked about how I was soliciting for old laptops for
some of Django girls who had to borrow laptops to participate in the
workshop. And I am happy to say that someone who chooses to remain
anonymous came during the Python-Nigeria meetup and donated two laptops to
the ladies *oh my, the tears of joy in the ladies eyes* would always be
imprinted in my heart. I discover many more reasons to fall in love with
the python community both home and abroad and I am humbled to be a part of
this great movement.
It was really a great pleasure to put a face to many names here during the
Python Nigeria meetup and thanks to Tosin Damilare who did a post about how
the meeting went
<http://takwas.github.io/article/python-nigeria-first-meetup.html> At this
point this also serves as the minutes of the meeting. Thanks Tosin.
On a different note **it appears we forgot to talk about registering
PyNigeria or PythonNigeria as a not for profit organization in Nigeria.**
Permit me if am wrong.

I am also working on a blog post for Djangogirls Lagos and would share that
on here in case anyone wants to know more about how DjangoGirls went; plus
official photos ;).
I am also glad that some of the girls are looking to organize a DjangoGirls
in Ogbomosho for Oyo state women......#SuperExciting
On that note I would like to make a request that DjangoGirlsOAU is still
looking for Mentors. I have encouraged many of #DjangoGirls Lagos attendees
to apply *what better way to learn more than to teach the little you know
to the next person*, So on behalf of DjangoGirls OAU I humbly request
anyone who has the time to spare to support DjangoGirls OAU by applying to
be a mentor.

Special thanks to everyone in the community who made DjangoGirls Lagos
successful, we couldn't have done it without you.

Hi Jonathan you're welcome to the community. Glad to have you on here.

And that's it for now....Until I bring you more news really soon....and
looking forward to meet you all again during our next *PyNig* *PyNigeria*
*Python Nigeria* or *Py Naija* meetup :) .....


Aisha Bello

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