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Hi Tosin,

I would like to volunteer as a tutor. Please, what are the requirements?

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Subject: [python-nigeria] CYFI Partnership and Society Registration

Hello everyone,

Trust you're having a *pythonic* holiday.

I am writing to ask you for two things:

- to *volunteer to tutor in the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative*
(CYFI), and
- to *contribute a bit more financially to the organization*.

On behalf of the board, I am pleased to announce that our proposed
partnership with the CYFI is almost a reality; final steps are being taken
to set up the tutoring program. However, all of that planning would go to
waste without your support.

We're using this medium to beckon everyone, to consider participation in
the program. If you would like to volunteer as a tutor some time between
August and December, please respond to this email or in the *#general*
channel of the community's Slack team. (A spreadsheet of the duty roster
for tutors will be available as soon as we get some show of hands.)

Meanwhile, here (again) is the link to our curriculum for the program and
you are welcome to suggest/make your changes to it:

Although your participation in the program will be voluntary -- thus not
paid -- the CYFI has promised to give stipends to cover every tutor's
transportation and food costs.

To make things easy, the board has decided that if we have enough
volunteers, individuals do not have to do the whole length of the program.
A tutor could be around for say, a period of one month, and then have
someone else take over from where they left off. This will both ease the
burden of commitment on you as well as provide more inclusion for everyone.

Also, to make the CYFI program work, we need to be registered as a Society
with the government. We almost have enough money, so we are calling on you
to contribute a bit more to get there.

Thank you very much for your support in all ways, pythoners.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write back.

Your secretary,

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