[python-nigeria] Constitution, Curriculum and Wiki

Tosin Damilare James Animashaun acetakwas at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 05:55:13 EDT 2016

Greetings PyUNG members,

Following the last mail shared by Vice-Chair Aisha Bello, I wish to
announce that the two documents mentioned in her message are now available
on Github. These documents include:

   1. A Constitution, and
   2. A Curriculum

The [PyUNG] Constitution is a document that will serve to guide the affairs
of this community. It is recommended that every member should read it
carefully. It is accessible as a version-controlled document here:

The Curriculum on the other hand, is so far a collaborative effort of the
Board in designing a scheme-of-work for a proposed summer training for
certain girls about the ages of 11-14yrs old as required of *us* by
the Carrington
Youth Fellowship Initiative <http://www.cyfinigeria.org/>. To make for easy
editing by members of the community, it can be accessed on this wiki:


The wiki will henceforth hold documents of this nature (documents needing
collaboration) for the community. Everyone is welcome to make edits, even
though such edits would be reviewed afterwards.

Once again, your contributions/constructive-criticisms to the
aforementioned documents are welcome. To do so, kindly edit the wiki or
send a PR as appropriate.

If you have not received an invite to join the Community's Github
*organization* <https://github.com/pyung>, you may send your Github info in
a private message to any of these usernames on Slack, and you should be
added shortly thereafter.

*@acetakwas (me) *
   - *@insaida*
   - *@ichux*
   - *@aishab*
   - *@b33sama*
   - *@geekhijabi*
   - *@oxax*
*@tmdoubleu *

The message should include these details (as used on your Github profile):

   - email address
   - username

Alternatively, you could drop this info here on the mailing list.

Looking forward to your helpful contributions and feedback.

Your secretary,
*Tosin Damilare James Animashaun*
*Christian | Programmer | Learner*
*Mobile:* +234 701 1389 064
*Blog:* http://takwas.github.io/
*LinkedIn: [image:
*Github**:* [image: https://github.com/takwas] <https://github.com/takwas>

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