[python-nigeria] Rants.....More Rants Pt 2

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 17:20:53 EDT 2016

Oh and I forgot to add another important truth to my earlier rants.

As much as I love and appreciate the community support in making all
DjangoGirls events and PyLadies meetups a hit from Back to Back the honest
truth is that the Python Language is so much bigger and greater than
DjangoGirls and PyLadies and in Martin Luther Kings voice I HAVE A DREAM.

So this is a call; that we need more physical gneral meetups not gender
specific but maybe framework specific. What happened to hackahatons or just
good ol' pythonistas in a physical space chatting away about our smiles,
ups and downs with the Snake :D #JustSaying

In conclusion, we need anyone who loves and appreciate the community or the
language to take the lead in organizing meetups or workshops in your area.
And we are all here to support and scream to the rooftops.

I think i'm done ranting. Hope I didn't bore you *shines teeth*

Pythonic Regards,
p.s we would be turning up at Djangogirls Akure and PyLadiesNigeria meetup
this weekend the python way ;)

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