[python-nigeria] Rants.....Rants......and more Rants

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 17:11:13 EDT 2016

Dear awesome Pythonistas,

Hope we had a wonderful weekend. So my sole aim for disturbing your mail
boxes is to Rant and i do intend to keep it short.

Well let's just say we need some fire reigniting. Anyone looked at the
PyNigeria Consitituion or the proposed Curriculum for the Carrington
fellowship partnership yet. Anyone? #The links @acetakwas put on display to
the community page

Can I remind our dear selves that this is really important for the growth
of the community and we desperately need your input. Yes we are desprate.
Because we want as much as possible that your suggestions are put into
consideration before anything is signed off on. Think of us all as stake
holders with really huge stakes for all things community, and I'm sure if
you invested time, effort or money into your business you sure has hell
want to recive maximum benefits ;) #GodWin

Talking about Owo Ego Kudi(money) we all seeen Hamdalah's email on the
account details we would be contributing to. Just to clarify what exactly
we need money for...
 Like y'all know we need to register our name Python Users Group Nigeria
aka PyNigeria as a not for profit oraganization in Nigeria. If we don't
then the community partnership with the Carrington Youth fellowship
Initiative to teach 60 underpriviledged secondary school girls how to code
**Well lets just say we can kiss that goodbye if we arent registered by the
end of the month** For this to Happen We need 120,000NGN and we are calling
on everyone to please contribute to this cause. As much as we would say no
amount is too small or too much ;) Whatever you can afford would be highly
appreciated. But we need this As soon as yesterday. Please don't limit
yourselves to 3k. We are jjust saying if 40 people paid 3k which is less
than half of us we would reach our goal in no time. Registering our name
also plugs into many other things and we would be letting the global
community know we mean business ;)

List admins would it be too much to ask that our mailing list archives be
made public, so relatively new members can easily go through the previous
messages to catch up.

With Pythonic Hugs,


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