[python-nigeria] Breaking News!!!................Why Campaign?

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Wed May 11 01:51:46 EDT 2016

My Dear Pythonistas,

Forgive my attempt to catch your attention :)

Helen: I had so much fun at DjangoGirls Ogbomoso. Mentoring the girls was
rewarding enough and totally worth the journey all the way to Ogbomoso. You
and your team did a marvelous job of organizing, and we (the community) are
so proud of you.

Without further ado and in a bid to not bore you with long emails, this
mid-week. There's been a lot of conversation on slack about registering
PyNigeria as a not-for-profit company (A very mandatory need if our vision
is to get to the stage of a PyCon and many other community feats).
One of the major criteria for this to happen is that we need 3 board
members(Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) There has been quite a number of
nominations on the slack channel and @ichux AND @acetakwas are working on a
cool way to vote using bots on slack.

I am writing just incase some of us might not be on slack. So please
nominate at least one person each for the 3 positions, if you haven't
already you just might get nominated instead. The nomination end Saturday
12 noon and voting would hold on Sunday the 15th. Although results would be
in real time, but it would be published on Monday.

Please note that to vote you need to be on Python Nigeria slack channel.
And if you aren't please drop your email here and you would be added on
slack asap.

Another interesting news is PSF directors vote is coming soon and our dear
Naomi Ceder (PSF board member) is running for the post of director. So do
make your vote count in the global python space ;).
All organizers, mentors, community administrators etc who put in at least 6
hours every month qualify to be contributing members to vote.

oops, this wasn't supposed to be long. My sincere apologies ;).

With Pythonic love,

Aisha Bello

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