[python-nigeria] Hello it's Me....(Explanations)

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Mon May 30 03:43:18 EDT 2016

Dear Highly esteemed Pyladies and PyMen,

It's been a while. Forgive my radio silence, the week has been very
eventful. There are a number of things to talk about but I promise to make
this short *covers face*

Firstly. Thanks to everyone for taking time out to vote in the last
election for board members. I am particularly honored and grateful that you
would vote me in as chair. Be that as it may for the better part towards
the end of the year I would be out on a training and I won't be physically
on ground to help facilitate all the amazing things we have planned. To
this end I trust Ichux (who is ever so diligent, commited and there for us
in real time) will do an amazing job as Chair, and I will continue to
support as an adhoc vice chair :D
But I will always be virtually around.

Our PyNigeria Constitution and curriculum has been worked on by the team.
Tosin (a.k.a Secretary) would be posting links to our Github page. If
everyone would go through the constitution and the curriculum draft for the
girls and make their own inputs/ P.R that would be really cool. We are all
still a team and we would really appreciate your contributions.

Now that we have all voted we need to move to the next item on the Agenda.
We need NGN 120,000 to enable us register our name. To this end a warm
appeal to everyone to donate to this cause for the community. Like I
mentioned earlier community projects like the CYFI partnership, A PyCon,
future projects e.t.c would latch on the advantage of legally registering
our organization in Nigeria.
If 40(half) of us contributed 3k each we would reach our goal in no time.
That said, nothing is too small, and we welcome and appreciate all
donations regardless of the value. Hamdalah (Treasurer) would be sharing
the account details we would be contributing to in a bit.

Finally, part of the community plan would be to set up a website, We have
graciously gotten our own python.org email pynigeria at python.org
<pynigeria-request at python.org> If you have any concerns, questions or just
anything to say to the board members feel free to drop us a line.

It's PyCON US week guys. Shout out to Pythonistas representing us at PyCon
this year *shines teeth*

Lending my voice to DjangoGirls FUTA who is still soliciting for coaches. I
personally would be there wearing my coaches hat, and if you can make it
please do come out to coach. There is something so beautiful and rewarding
in teaching others an amazing skill like learning how to code in Python.

oops I did it again. *still shinning teeth*

Have a Pythonic week everyone,

Aisha Bello.
p.s- Pyladies meetup this past Saturday was the bomb. Thanks to Codebridge
and everyone who made it possible ;).

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