[python-nigeria] Your Review and Recommendation is important to me.

Peter Olayinka peterolayinka97 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 17:40:12 EST 2017


I am Peter Olayinka,

I have been working on this application for a while now, built with
python/django. And i ll really love to get your reviews and recommendation
for improvement sake.

Quizboot (www.quizboot.com) is a social learning platform where you can get
engaged with quizzes like brain teasers, riddles, past questions, interview
questions, etc. for fun and educational purpose.

Also you get to create your own quizzes then share and challenge your
friends with it, see what they scored and just have fun.

You could also chat with your friends, comment on quizzes and follow your
favorite quiz creator.

you could send me your review directly on the platform. **Search for

Thank you.

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