[python-nigeria] INTRODUCTION

Oshoke Louis goldbars.ng at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 04:13:30 EST 2017

Good morning Team,

My name is Oshoke Louis, a self starter and fast learner.

I am a graduate of Computer Science(Bsc.) from the University of Benin.

A seasoned IT administrator with about 10 years experience in Administering
and Supporting IT services both in corporate and private businesses.
Fortunately, In the course of my career so far i have ventured into various
aspect of IT from requirement management to data analysis, IT(software)
Project management, Software & Operating systems support, business process
management & improvement but virtually accomplished nothing in the aspect
of software development/programing.

In my usual exploration i have come to understand the opportunities which
lies in software development most especially in the use of Python
programing Language as an easy to learn language/tool in solving both human
and business problems.

I believe this community will serve as a fertile ground in catalysing my
transformation to becoming a core apps/web developer and a mentor to the
younger generation.

Oshoke Louis

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