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moshoodyahaya09 at yahoo.com moshoodyahaya09 at yahoo.com
Tue May 5 05:12:18 EDT 2020

Hi Everyone,
My name is Moshood Yahaya, a risk management expert and a Data science enthusiast.  I am excited with the prospect of developing myself further with the wealth of knowledge and experience from outstanding individuals in this community. 
Best Regards.
Moshood Yahaya 

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This is a welcome note from the community to you, we say a big thank
you for your time and your support.

Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself to everyone on
the list - you can do this by emailing python-nigeria at python.org and
letting people know: a) who you are a b) what you do, and or c) what
this community represents or could be to you e.g A place to develop my

Going forward you are encouraged to use this mailing list as a tool to
drop feedbacks, comments or suggestions, meetups, sessions, anything
python that you want the community to access.

We will be focused on growing our community and reaching out to one
another through various meetups. Know of any upcoming python meetups?
Send a mail to this mailing list so the general community can offer
our support in every way we can.

We also enjoy the support of the Python Software Foundation Board, and
are encouraged to maximize this mailing list.

Thank you once again for your time, stay productive.

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