[python-nl] Python / Django developer position at Layar

Johnny deBris johnny at johnnydebris.net
Thu Dec 24 13:32:04 CET 2009

Cari Davidson wrote:
> So what's involved in hosting a PUN meeting?
Basically, if there's beer, or a place where we can get some nearby, 
it's a valid PUN meeting I'd say... ;)

So far PUN meetings ranged from very informal (the first was just a 
meetup in some bar) to relatively formal (with a proper program of some 
half-hour talks and some lightning talks in some fancy conference venue) 
- I'm pretty sure there are people who like the more formal approach, as 
well as those who like the meetings to be more informal...

> - Is the location pre-determined?  ... or can it be a place of our 
> choosing?
A place of your choosing.

> - How many people do we need to have room for?
That really depends on how many people decide to show up, can range from 
around 5 to around 30 I guess... It usually makes sense to put a page up 
in the wiki where people can pre-register, at least then you get an idea 
of how many people feel like showing up.

> - How long does a PUN last?
We had meetings without any formal program lasting 'an evening in the 
bar', and full day meetings, whatever you wish/can handle...

> - Is English OK?  (I assume it is, since we're using it now.  :) 
Usually talks are given in English, because most of the time there are 
some non-natives around, though of course it's the Dutch user group...

> - Is the date pre-determined?

> - Would there be other speakers/projects?
Usually the organizer requests for speakers on this list, but again, 
it's up to you...

> - Is it a problem if we spent the whole PUN talking about/playing with 
> just one thing?
Well, no, provided that it's an interesting 'thing'... And of course 
that there's beer! :)

> It might be better to talk details off-list...  whoever is 'in 
> charge'  can send me an email, and we can start planning.
I don't think anyone is 'in charge', though I guess Remco Wendt has been 
one of the driving forces behind the last couple of meetings (not 
entirely sure though, Remco, could you speak up here please?)...

Anyway, the idea behind PUN is to have fun and chat with other 
developers, and there are no real rules or even guidelines, you can just 
make them up as you go... If you need hints or help, of course, you can 
ask here.



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