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C.T. Matsumoto c.t.matsumoto at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 11:04:21 CET 2010

Okay Klaas in the spirit of your request I can narrow it down to Amsterdam
ABC Treehouse in April at 19.30, keeping to PUN and Django Meeting form
we'll stick to a Wednesday, how about the 14th. As far as the rest I'm
actually looking for a challenge and just started looking through the
KataCatalogue which Konrad sent. So that is still open.

Me Sensei? Why don't we try a couple before choosing one.


On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 10:31 AM, Klaas van Schelven
<klaas at vanschelven.com>wrote:

> Hi Todd, others,
> I'm very much in favor of having a Dojo and would like to participate. I'm
> not too much in favor of the democratic style of decision making. So I would
> like to ask you to just pick a date, location and a challenge and we'll go
> from there. May Todd be our sensei!
> If you want a location I might be able to arrange something in Utrecht. We
> could also do it in the ABC Treehouse next month.
> regards,
> Klaas
> --
Todd Matsumoto
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