[python-nl] Pygrunn 11 mei 2012

Reinout van Rees reinout at vanrees.org
Tue Apr 3 01:33:30 CEST 2012

On 01-04-12 22:35, Berco Beute wrote:
> Hear! Hear!
> Other high profile speakers are Armin Ronacher (Flask, werkzeug, jinja,
> etc.) and Miguel Araujo (Django uni-forms). But the most important part
> is of course hanging out with peers. And don't forget that the 25 euro
> is solely for covering the costs of the food and an already legendary
> t-shirt. Days chock-full of pyhon/geek/hacker fun don't come much
> cheaper than that! Still in doubt? Ask someone who visited a previous
> edition.

 From a previous visitor:

a) Yes, the tshirt really is great (at least, it was last year).

b) They've got a format that ought to be copy/pasted by every organizer: 
15 minutes of break between every talk. Every. So you've got plenty of 
time to switch rooms and to grab a coffee and to chat to some people and 
to talk about the last talk. The relaxing effect it has on the whole day 
is simply astounding. So you get a technical day full of input AND it is 
relaxing. Now where do you get that combination?!?


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