[python-nl] django/python meeting split?

Maarten Kling maarten at fourdigits.nl
Wed Apr 25 10:57:06 CEST 2012

Hi Reinout and others,

10-11-12 October the Plone Conference 2012 will be in Arnhem. So if you 
want to see a Plone talk join us :)
Talk submission will open very soon, it would be great if there where 
some python or related python project submissions.
At this point we got the training submission open, if someone is 
interested in giving a (international) Python training, please submit 
you training.



On 4/21/12 10:20 PM, Reinout van Rees wrote:
> Hi,
> Personally, I wonder if we should be a bit more vigilant regarding the 
> django/python split. We have django meetings (always in Amsterdam) and 
> python meetings (all over the place).
> But the last django meeting was about 50% generic Python content, at 
> least it seemed that way to me.
> If I brainstorm about it, these are my thoughts:
> - Do we need the django/python split? Django *is* very popular, so it 
> has a separate market. But then we should safeguard the Django content 
> a bit more.
> - Does this mean no django content at the python meetings?
> - Hey, I haven't heard a plone talk in 2 years time.
> - When was the last Arnhem/Veenendaal/Rotterdam/The Hague meeting?
> Reinout

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